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1. Running properly – Make sure your vehicle is running smooth without shaking or surging. Check for broken hoses and change your air filter if it’s dirty.


2. Take a Drive - Drive your vehicle for at least 15 minutes prior to arriving at the smog station. That will help the vehicle get a proper warm-up.


3. Inflate Tires – Proper tire pressure helps the test more efficient, and a better gas mileage.


4. Oil Change - Contaminated oil contains Hydrocarbons (HC) and will present a rich mixture to the engine chambers. Avoiding oil changes not only causes pre-mature engine wear but can also cause your vehicle to fail the smog inspection. Oil change helps prolong engine life and better chance of passing the smog inspection.


5. Check Engine Light Off - Be sure your vehicle's Check Engine Light or Malfunction Indicator Lamp is not illuminated. When the check engine light is on that indicates the engine has part(s) that is not working properly or is no longer working. Take it in for service to avoid failing smog. Note: A smog technician cannot refuse to test your vehicle based on the fact that he or she notices an illuminated light. The smog technician must perform the smog check as it, whether the light is on or off. This is California State law.


6.  Battery Recently Disconnected? - Make sure your vehicle's battery has not recently been disconnected. If your vehicle recently needed a jump start or battery replacement we recommend driving it for at least two or three days, 100 miles or more, called a Drive Cycle. Whenever a vehicle's computer losses power, such as when its battery has been disconnected or charge depleted, its internal self-test monitors are erased. Drive it first then come by for a test.


Tips to Pass Smog Inspections

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